East Tremont Child Care and Development Center was founded in 1967 in the South Bronx Murphy Housing Project with the mission of educating and providing day care services to the families of our community. Our sponsoring board, East Tremont Day Care and Development, Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, multi-service corporation and charitable entity, chartered (501C3) by the Department of State of the State of New York in 1972. The Internal Revenue Service granted us tax-exempt status in the same year. Our mission is to help children and families become and remain independent and productive members of the community. We provide appropriate services and support to strengthen successful growth of all ages, individuals, and caregivers to cope with the transitions of life with dignity. To date, our child care program has nurtured children, helped parents to attend school or work knowing that their children are safe, and helped staff to join the workforce and increase their employable skills.

We operate a comprehensive early childhood program for 60 preschool-aged children (2.6 to 5 years old). We have 3 classrooms serving 20 students each. Classroom 1 is a blended class of 2.6s to 3s. Classroom 2 is a UPK class of 4s. Classroom 3 is our UPK classroom, blending 3s, 3.5s, and 4-year olds. This program has been a consistent community resource for parents who work, for parents who attend school, and for parents who need care for children while they pursue vocational or other training. Child care services are available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday year-round.

Our primary goal is to operate a quality education program that will not only address the needs of children in care, but one that will address the needs of the family as well. Our objectives in pursuit of that goal are to:

  • Provide an environment for children that encourages successful learning
  • Offer young children a safe haven while parents strive for economic maintenance and self-sufficiency
  • Implement an educational curriculum by qualified teachers that support developmental learning
  • Enhance children's sense of identity and self worth
  • Encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility
  • Provide children with the knowledge and experiences to develop a healthy body
  • Enable children to be active learners and problem solvers, enabling them to function completely in a rapidly changing world
  • Encourage children to be active learners and problem solvers, enabling them to function completely in a rapidly changing world
  • Support and strengthen the family function as the main source of security and identity for the young child